I assist people, businesses and organization in developing sustainable, value-driven and workable solutions and implementing them successfully.

Sustainability is more than just a few “green activities”. If you want to create value, you must be driven by your own values and the concept of creation. It is the force behind any entrepreneurial activity.

To measure all decisions and actions against their underlying values and philosophy is key to implement a Sustainability Strategy. It needs to penetrate all your thoughts and way of doing business.

I am guiding you through the process of defining your core values and in creating sustainable actions for yourself and your business. Together we scan all areas of your organization for opportunities to become more sustainable.

My Services

Sustainability and Focus on Values drive my Consulting & Coaching Concepts


As a coach I adhere to the Systemic Approach of supporting my clients. I assist in getting a clearer vision of their role(s) or in managing difficult situations and assignments. The entire coaching process is result-driven to foster the development of my clients: they discover their own resources, solutions and capabilities within themselves. 


I support clients in creating new strategies, concepts or development of their businesses and organizations. I implement a very comprehensive approach to merge sustainability and growth. Together with my clients I work on initiatives, to foster the strength and future of the organization, to enter new markets, develop new products or business areas – and finding orientation in an ever changing environment.

Know How

I base my know-how on decades in Management- & Consulting roles in international media (focus on TV / Broadcast businesses, Sales/ Marketing, Start Ups), High Tech and Telecommunication industries.  I could build profound management skills, have lead organizations through all phases of development and worked in various environments (culturally and structurally). This deep and wide knowledge is something that I bring to all projects and clients. 


You can only grow and develop yourself or your business, if you know where you start from and where you want to go. Your vision, your goals and your path to success must be clear. Helping you to find your orientation in your roles, markets or life at large are an essential part of my work.

Creating Success

With my approach to consulting and coaching I guarantee success: you will create sustainable solutions for yourself and your business.

Values That Live

The focus on working on your own values and how to translate them in your work is the key to a successful, rewarding life.