My coaching services are aimed at managers, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. In my coaching work I follow the systemic coaching method. With this I help my clients to find their very own solutions by discovering and developing their own resources, strengths and new perspectives. In this context, my coaching is based on a number of firm principles:

The client at the ships steering wheel

I firmly believe that successful coaching can only take place if the client himself takes responsibility for ‘the journey’. This means that the client is put in the position to take the wheel of his life, situation or problem. He takes the responsibility for his behaviour and goes self-determinedly the most suitable solution for him. My coaching supports him on this path with appropriate methodology and opens up appropriate perspectives for successful solution.

Systemic Coaching Approach

Based on the systemic coaching method, I work with the client to develop his role in his personal problem situation, organization or task. My working method is completely solution-oriented. I focus the client on solutions that are suitable and coherent for him. This is achieved by developing new perspectives, discovering appropriate resources and working out concrete, applicable strategies.

Mindfulness & Values

An important principle in my coaching work is the mindful treatment of the client and his questions. This also means the unrestricted appreciation of the client as a human being with his complete biography, attitude to life and behaviour. I work on the assumption that each person carries the solutions to his or her problem within him or herself and is the best expert to learn and develop. Those who are willing to take new paths only do so sustainably from an inner, deep motivation. To open up this motivation is one of the main tasks of a coach. I only act as a source of inspiration and guide for sustainable success in implementation.

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