My Consulting Services For You

Based on many years of experience in various industries, roles and consulting assignments, I bring a large toolset of skills and knowledge to each project. A focus of my consulting work is in developing or adapting business, marketing and sales strategies, the exploration of new business areas, markets or prducts.   

Given my in-depth expertise and know-how in that industry, I am an expert consultant for organizations and businesses in the domestic and international telecommunications, television and broadcast industry. I also apply my knowledge to High Tech, Media Start ups and Creative Industries. A specific skill is in transferring such expertise into other industries: be it a local service company, craftman shop or other trades .I work with clients large and small..

Strategy Consulting

A good, fitting strategy is the core feature of any successful business venture. I consider the strategy hence as the anchor port of each business. In my consulting work I help my clients to define, develop and set this anchor. It is in the very nature of an anchor, that it can be lifted and placed somewhere else – actually, that is the main characteristic of an anchor; and hence a good strategy.  Like a boat, an enterprise must be willing to move and adapt to circumstances. Finding new anchorage is hence part of a good strategy, In this context, any strategy – in my opinion – must be flexible, functional and adaptable. Strategy as I define it, is a constant process and iteration. The underlying principles of a strategy are the core values and vision of the company and its stakeholders. The strategy itself must always be defined in the context of the environment, the available resourses and the companies capabilities.. Like a ship on high seas, any business does require a compass, that guides it. One must also have a keen eye for all surrounding conditions, the crew, the ships maintenance. My work as a consultant is that of a guide in such high sea.

Concept Development

To use the image of a ship: any business concept is the sea map that you use to steer your ship. You want to launch a new product? You plan to create a new enterprise, enter new markets or industry areas?  To do so, you will need a very clear vision, on where the venture should take you and how this endevour can become a success. This is why you need to develop a concept first. As your consultant, I will work with you closely to develop such a concept. We will investigate the potential, the feasibility and the parameters of such a venture together. We will look at which resources, solutions and requirements are needed. We will spar on ideas, approaches and suggestions in order to arrive at the best possible route. The focus will always be on feasebility and practicality of such a concept and the look at the big picture.


With my coaching and consulting work I help clients to focus on the sustainability aspects of their company, development and strategy. Management consulting and coaching for people and organizations: creating values that shape life and businesses:  Sustainability as a core principle in all areas. Strategy & Execution Concepts for new products, markets and business fields. Career Counseling and Role Definition Effective Communication

Business Development

Business Development in my definition: all questions and concerns related to develop a business further and that is not handled within existing structures.   Too often business development is reduced to an extension of sales and marketing functions. This is too narrow an approach. Because it is more than that: its about where the business stands tomorrow, next year or in generations.  A good business must always look beyond where it is now, and look for new opportunities, growth developments and changes in the field. I work as a Business Development guide in: searching new fields for growth and development potential internal developments to further the company Merger & Acquisitions Strategic Alliances Initiatives

Organisational Development

Helping organisations to grow from within. .

International Development

The world has grown closer together and even the smallest of a business has to face the impacts of globalization. Having worked in international businesses since more than 30 years, I can help you to navigate these developments.

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